Mobilities, Transitions, Transformations


Will you provide computer and projector for my presentation?

Yes, all rooms will have a computer and a projector.

Do I need a travel insurance? 

Definitely. It is very important to have one.

How can I get Hungarian currency? 

At any official money exchange office or bank, you can find several in the city. Do not ever change money on the streets. 

How can I get a taxi?

Taxis work with a flat rate in Budapest, but it is always better an deasier to call one. Just ask the reception.

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes, you can always drink the tap water. However, mineral water is cheap. Pink cap = stil water, Green and blue cap = sparkling water / soda

How can I pay the participation fee via bank transfer?

Download the necessary form from here or write us an e-mail, and we will send it to you.