Mobilities, Transitions, Transformations

Francesca GOBBO

University of Torino, Italy

Francesca Gobbo held the position of Professor of Intercultural Education and Anthropology of Education at the University of Torino (Italy) until February 28th 2014. She is Associate Editor of the international journal “Intercultural Education”, is part of the Nordic Center for Excellence in Education and of the “Education for Tomorrow” Programme, of NESET II, and is Honorary Member of the European Educational Research Association. 

After graduating from the University of Padova, she studied at the University of California, Berkeley. She was Fulbright grantee (1969), Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley (1995) and Harvard University (2001). She is on the editorial boards of international journals, has published extensively in Italian and English and participated into Comenius projects.

She studies and teaches contemporary educational issues from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective combining educational theory with cultural anthropology and anthropology of education so as to problematize and widen the discourse and research on intercultural education. She carried out ethnographic research among Italy’s “internal minorities” such as the occupational minority of travelling fairground and circus people in Veneto. She is presently researching the rituals of lunch in nursery and childhood schools of Padua.