Mobilities, Transitions, Transformations


Georg Eckert Institute, Germany

Simona Szakacs studied Communication, Public Relations, Media, Sociology and Social Anthropology. She is a post-graduate alumna of Central European University (Budapest) and of the University of Essex (UK) where in 2013 she gained her PhD in Sociology. She has been a visiting doctoral student of the City University of Hong Kong, a lecturer on the ‘Sociology of New Europe’ at the University of Essex, and a research assistant in an ESRC-funded Europe-Asia comparative project on changing notions of ‘good citizenship’ in curricula and textbooks.

Her research is focused on the interplay between Europeanization, global cultural change, and post-socialist transformation from a transnational, wider-world perspective. For more than 10 years she has been investigating changing notions of ‘nation’, ‘identity’, and ‘citizenship’ in post-1989 Romanian schooling alongside structural and organizational developments in the Romanian education system from the 19th century to the present day. Her interest in school textbooks revolves around issues of content as much as of their everyday use and the micro-dynamics of classroom interaction.

Simona joined the Georg Eckert Institute as a DAAD-Leibniz post-doctoral fellow in September 2014 examining depictions of ‘East’ and ‘West’ structured by discourses of the Cold War before and after 1989 in Romanian history education. Currently, Simona is a Research Fellow in the Department “Textbooks as media”.