Mobilities, Transitions, Transformations

Theatre of the Oppressed

A workshop by Angelo Miramonti and Francesco Argenio Benaroio

Angelo Miramonti, is a participatory theatre facilitator and a development worker. He has been practicing theatre of the oppressed since 2002. He trained in the TO techniques with the Italian NGO Livres Como O Vento and with the USA-based NGO ImaginAction. He facilitated groups with theatre techniques in Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Norther Ireland, Senegal, Italy and Hungary.
He coordinated programmes for the rehabilitation of child soldiers in Uganda and Congo. Since 2014 he has been living in Senegal and he has been working for UNICEF in the protection of children from violence and exploitation. He is also carrying out a Cultural Anthropology research on possession rituals among the lebou women, in the outskirts of Dakar.
He holds a bachelor in Philosophy, a Master in Development Studies and a PhD in Economics. His photography website is:

Francesco Argenio Benaroio is a social entrepreneur, trainer and facilitator of Theatre of the Oppressed / Forum Theatre activities for intercultural dialogue.
Using Theatre and participatory arts, he has been involved with various NGOs and grass-root organizations, both as trainer and as project manager, in Hungary, Colombia, India, Nepal and Burma/Myanmar for peace education, empowerment and inclusion of vulnerable communities, including marginalized youth, Roma, displaced, migrants, refugees.
Previously Training Manager for the United Nations/ILO, Program Coordinator for the Open Society Foundations and for the European Commission, Trainer for the Artemisszió Foundation in Budapest, Francesco is currently managing and implementing Theatre of the Oppressed projects in Hungary for the “ANAMUH” initiative in collaboration with Amnesty International and various national and international partners.
Francesco is deeply committed in the transformative power of Social Theatre, as a means for personal healing and social change, community empowerment, peace and dialogue between cultures.

The ANAMUH initiative in Budapest organizes on 3 and 4 September a "Rainbow of Desire" Theatre of the Oppressed workshop aimed at those who want to explore with Theatre their interior and psychological oppressions and transform them with the group. No previous theatre experience is needed; the workshop will be conducted in English.
For information e-mail the ANAMUH or join the Facebook event